Background Check Interim Process

Questions about the Background Check Program?

Do you have an employee who is working under a provisional background check clearance issued in 2020 or 2021 without fingerprints?

New Icon5/20 - If yes, the employee’s fingerprints must be submitted no later than August 1, 2022. If fingerprints are not submitted by this date, the application will be closed, the employee will no longer be cleared to work, and a new application must be submitted.
Questions? Contact the Background Check Program at

Background Check Process Reminders:

February 24, 2022
  • Background check applications MUST be submitted via NABCS; paper applications are no longer accepted
  • Use of NABCS requires whitelisting
  • A static IP address is required for NABCS whitelisting
  • Applicant Initiated applications are no longer accepted; background check applications must be submitted by the individual’s prospective employer
  • Refer to NABCS Provider Access Request Form and BCP Whitelisting Frequently Asked Questions for more information

Use of Valid Background Check Clearances by Multiple Employers No Longer Permissible

February 24, 2022
Effective immediately, providers may no longer allow individuals to begin work prior to the Background Check Program completing their check, even if the applicant has proof of a provisional or complete background check for another DHSS provider. Questions? Please contact your DHSS oversight division.

Reminder: Static IP Address Required for NABCS Access Whitelisting

February 17, 2022
A STATIC IP address is required for NABCS access whitelisting. Verify with your internet service provider that your connection is NOT a Dynamic IP address (common to residential internet service) before submitting a whitelisting request form to avoid delays and loss of access. After verifying that you have, a STATIC IP address, submit a NABCS Provider Access Request Form to For more information, visit BCP Whitelisting Frequently Asked Questions.

Background Check Paper Applications No Longer Accepted After 12/15/2021

December 13, 2021

Post-Cyberattack Background Check Application Processing

November 26, 2021
  • NABCS has been approved for use, but providers/agencies must follow the instructions to get whitelisted by December 15, 2021; after that date, paper applications will no longer be accepted. To begin the whitelisting process, providers/agencies must complete a NABCS Provider Access Request Form and submit it to
  • Although NABCS is available for use by whitelisted providers, paper applications received since the cyberattack are not yet viewable in NABCS; the Division of Health Care Services has temporarily increased staffing to assist in entering these paper applications into NABCS.
  • Despite the tireless efforts of the HCS Background Check Team, the processing currently exceeds 15 days and will likely continue to exceed 15 days until all providers are whitelisted and input of paper applications into NABCS is complete.

Background Check Program Whitelisting FAQ

November 3, 2021


Effective October 27, 2021, all existing providers MUST submit the NABCS Provider Access Request Form (PDF) to the email listed below to gain access to the NABCS environment. This process is called "whitelisting" which puts your facilities internet connection on a safe list. It is the division's intent to have all existing providers utilizing NABCS for application submittals and payments by December 15, 2021. Please do not wait until the deadline to submit the security form as processing times will be impacted. Technical questions related to the security form and submission? Please email/contact

BCP Whitelisting Frequently Asked Questions (updated 11/9/21)


New Applications

All new background check applications submitted on/after August 1, 2021 must include a fingerprint card. Provisional clearances will no longer be issued without fingerprinting. Incomplete applications will be pended until all required information, including fingerprint card, is received.