About Qualis

The Division of Health Care Services (DHCS) recently selected Qualis Health to support the Alaska Medicaid Coordinated Care Initiative (AMCCI). Qualis Health will be providing face-to-face case management services to AMCCI members. During this pilot, Qualis Health’s efforts will be focused on 40-60 members with high emergency room usage and complex impactable health conditions.
DHCS believes that Qualis Health will be able to support AMCCI’s mission of promoting quality and cost-effective health outcomes, and ensuring that coordinated medical services are provided to AMCCI members in the most appropriate setting.
Who is Qualis?
Qualis Health has worked with the DHCS for over 30 years. During this time they have provided utilization management, utilization review, behavioral health management and case management services in support of the Alaska Medicaid program.
Qualis Health is an award-winning national leader in improving healthcare delivery and patient outcomes. They provide healthcare quality consulting, health information technology support and care management services to public and private healthcare organizations nationwide. Qualis’ main headquarters is in Seattle, Washington along with offices in several states – Alabama, Alaska, California, Washington DC, Idaho and New Mexico.
In partnership with its clients, Qualis Health improves care for millions of Americans every day. Qualis Health’s work is guided by a set of fundamental values that help them operate in an environment something characterized by competing interests and requirements. These core values include integrity and professionalism, collaboration and stewardship. They provide utilization management, case management, behavioral health management and care coordination for public and private payers across the country.

Qualis Health’s case managers are licensed nurses or mental health professionals with extensive training and experience. These case managers can identify health care concerns, gather information to help clients make the best healthcare choices possible, serve as a resource for the client’s healthcare team and family, coordinate referrals and assist in obtaining healthcare services to promote the best outcomes.

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