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Safe and Healthy Me!

What's the best thing you've done for your health?

Stories from Alaskans

What have you done?

  • Have you made a SMALL CHANGE that made a big difference?
  • Have you done something AMAZING for your health?
  • Have you made a change that has made you more SAFE?
  • How did the change improve your HEALTH and improve the QUALITY of your life?

Share your story with us!

Move More! Eat Well! Tobacco Free! Stay Safe! The Safe and Healthy Me! Symbol

Safe and Healthy Me — Stories from Alaskans

We asked small groups of Alaskans throughout the state to talk about the best thing they have done for their health.

When someone spoke, everyone else wanted to hear what they had to say. Was there something in that story that could help them, too?

Many of the best things shared were small changes. But the small changes had big payoffs for the quality of their lives. The stories inspired us, so we spent time with several Alaskans who tell their stories to you. Take a minute to watch, and listen.

So many of us have a success story to share, changes big or small that we have made to improve our health and safety.

Share your story with us!