SHARP Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)

The SHARP MOA is the required agreement among the Clinician, the Employer Site, and the State of Alaska that defines the terms of service and benefits within the SHARP program. It is included here for reference by the parties and because it includes important information, including definitions (Section VII).

Clinicians and Sites interested in applying to SHARP are encouraged to carefully review this inspection copy of the MOA.

Neither the clinician nor the practice site needs to do anything with the MOA when applying.

Once the clinician and practice site are recommended by the SHARP Advisory Council, the Department of Health & Social Services fills in all the information on the MOA that is related to the state’s offer. That state-completed document is then sent to the clinician, who reviews and signs it in the presence of a Notary. The clinician then forwards the document to the practice site representative for signature. The MOA is then returned to the SHARP office for final signature and approval.

Amended language for the Memorandum of Agreement as it applies to dentists serving in tribal health organizations.

On June 23, 2015, the SHARP Advisory Council adopted modified language for the SHARP Memorandum of Agreement. For dentists serving in tribal health organizations the definition of “direct patient care” is amended to include direct supervision of Dental Health Aide Therapists.


The SHARP-I Loan Repayment Program receives half of its funding from the federal government. The other half comes from non-federal sources including the Department of Health and Social Service, the Alaska Mental Health Trust and employer matches. All eligible sites for SHARP-I are in federally designated Health Professional Shortage Areas.