Important Application Notice

Please submit ALL documents as emails, and/or email attachments only. SHARP no longer accepts Faxed documents or hardcopy mailings (unless absolutely necessary).

Looking forward to receiving your materials (via email).

Any questions about all matters regarding SHARP should be directed to:
Robert Sewell, Ph.D., Program Manager
SHARP Program, Alaska DHSS
(907) 465-4065 phone

Site Application

Sites will use the .pdf form used during Solicitation.

How to Submit Site Applications

Submit all completed & signed Site Applications, and any other required documents, by sending these as e-mailed PDF attachments. No hardcopies, or regular post, or other formats will be accepted.  E-mail your application to: 

  • Robert Sewell, Program Manager
    Alaska Division of Public Health
    Section of Health Planning & Systems Development
    P.O. Box 110610
    Juneau, AK 99811-0610
    Phone: (907) 465-4065

Both Practitioners and Sites are welcome to independently submit their respective sections to indicate their interest in participation.  Further, both “clinicians-without- employers” (i.e. new recruits) and “employers-seeking-clinicians” (as yet to be identified) are welcome to apply.  In this process, both parties may find suitable match-ups.


Please refer to the Definitions section of the Memorandum of Agreement for addition information about how terms are defined:

  • Section VII — Definitions: SHARP Memorandum of Agreement
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