Alaska Project ECHO


Project ECHO provides educators, service providers, case managers, administrators, families, and others access to expert advice from professionals throughout the state and country.

Project ECHO® is a learning model that uses real time videoconferencing technology to connect a team of interdisciplinary specialists with health and community service professionals, educators and community members.  ECHO virtual learning communities provide access to expert advice from professionals throughout the state and country, building capacity in home communities to implement best practices and improve outcomes. Hub and spoke knowledge-sharing networks create a learning loop with presenters, case studies, and Q&A sessions for participants to learn from one another.

Alaska has a growing number of Project ECHO sites that are collaborating to provide virtual learning communities. If you are interested in creating a project or contributing to a current topic, local resources are available. Contact Tricia Franklin or Rebekah Morisse.



Alaska ECHO learning opportunities:



Intended for the general public to interface with our Public Health Leadership Team to explore the science of COVID-19 virus and current best practices. Under the direction of Chief Medical Officer Anne Zink and the Public Health leadership team, CHD Project ECHO is developing multiple distinct ECHOs in response to the current health crisis. Please visit UAA's ECHO Project webpage for more information and a full lit of offerings.


The ANTHC Project Echo allows individuals to be part of an open, collaborative learning environment where you can discuss evidence-based practices with multidisciplinary specialist and colleagues across the state. Through the ECHOs model, you will hone your skills, share and learn about resources, present complex patient cases for support and clinical recommendations and gain knowledge of best practices.
Palliative Care TeleECHO Currently on HOLD
Promotes the delivery of palliative care services throughout the Alaska Tribal Health System in rural communities through the development of professional networks of learning, practice and collaboration through the telehealth network.
LiverConnect- AK HCV ECHO- Second Tuesday of each month 8:00- 9:00am
Through ECHO virtual clinics, primary care clinicians collaborate with a team of specialists to learn best practices for treating and curing hepatitis C. AK HCV ECHO includes case presentations, and recommendations from ANTHC’s Liver Disease Specialists.

Burn and Soft Tissue EHCO- ECHO completed, didactic recording available
This ECHO facilitates a multidisciplinary approach to burn and soft tissue injury management through shared learning between primary care providers and interdisciplinary specialists that support patients across Alaska. This ECHO supports an environment of group learning and best practice with the goal of improving outcomes for patients with burn or soft tissue injuries.

UAA Center for Human Development Project ECHO: 

The UAA ECHO uses videoconferencing technology to connect a team of interdisciplinary experts with primary care providers, other health services professionals, and community members. The discussions with, and mentoring from, specialists help equip participants to support individuals and their families with health and disabilities related needs in their home communities.
Mental Health & Developmental Disabilities – Every other Thursday 10:00- 11:30am
Participants in this ECHO will increase knowledge of prevalence of co-occurring mental health issues among people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, evidence-based practices for testing, assessment, and treatment, strategies for mental health professionals and the experience of individuals and families in this field.
Neurodevelopmental Disabilities – Select Thursdays 12:00- 1:30pm
Neurodevelopmental Disabilities ECHO is a virtual learning network of providers offering real-time access to developmental and behavioral experts. Neurodevelopmental Disabilities ECHO takes the principles of ECHO and adds the components of interdisciplinary expertise, including the integration of parent expertise. Our interdisciplinary team includes a developmental pediatrician, child neuropsychologist, advanced nurse practitioner, licensed clinical social worker, and a parent advocate.
Head Injury – Sessions Coming Soon!
The Alaska Head Injury ECHO is a virtual learning network for medical providers to learn best practice care through real-time access to Head Injury experts, including a board certified brain injury specialist, physical therapist, speech-language pathologist, and peer advocate. ECHO clinics include didactic and case-based learning; discuss complex Head Injury cases in your practice for real-time advice from experts. 
Brain Injury ECHO for Individuals and Family Members- Every Monday 11:00- 12:30pm 
The Brain Injury ECHO, open to individuals with brain injury and family members/ caregivers, is a free virtual learning environment where a panel of advocates and providers share their knowledge through presentations and Q&A sessions. Attendees will have real-time access to rotating interdisciplinary hub team which includes individuals with a brain injury, family members, a Licensed Professional Counselor who is a Certified Brain Injury Specialist, a Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Long Term Care Ombudsman, and a Case Manager.

Family ECHO: Challenging Behaviors – Wednesdays 11:00-12:30pm
The Family ECHO: Challenging Behaviors is a virtual learning network for family members and those supporting individuals with disabilities who also need higher support and care levels for challenging behaviors. Learn from field experts including other family members, social workers, behavior analysts, and parent navigators. ECHO clinics include didactic and case-based learning where you can discuss complex situations for real-time advice from experts.

Behavioral Interventions for Early Childhood ECHO- Every two weeks on Tuesdays 11:45– 12:45pm
The Behavioral Interventions for Early Childhood ECHO is a virtual learning network for professionals supporting children from birth through five years of age whom experience challenging behaviors and need additional behavioral supports.

Pain and Opioid Management- Twice per month on Mondays 12:15– 1:15pm
The Pain and Opioid Management ECHO will address evidence-based practices for screening, diagnosis, and treatment, common medical and psychiatric concerns, and how to care for patients in your own practice with the support of recognized field experts.

Co-Occurring Behavioral Health, Opioid and Stimulant Use Disorders- Twice per month on Wednesdays 12:00- 1:00pm 
The Co-Occurring Behavioral Health, Opioid and Stimulant Use Disorders ECHO offers a virtual network for behavioral health providers to learn best practice care through real-time access to experienced specialists including addiction medicine physicians, a licensed marriage and family therapist, and a psychiatric rehabilitation practitioner.

The Alaska Education Network- Project ECHO

The Alaska Education Project ECHO is a statewide initiative focused on uniting Alaska’s educational leaders with the intention of building a support network to reduce isolation while strengthening the link between leadership and student achievement.
Positive Behavior, Safety & Well-Being: Select Mondays 3:45- 5:00pm
This strand of ECHO Sessions provides information and resources in the areas of increasing positive behavior, creating safe environments, and obtaining wellness at the individual or group or program level.
Educational Leadership: Select Tuesdays 3:45- 5:00pm
This strand of ECHO Sessions provides topics and problem-solving ideas that pertain to leading a group, program and/or school.
Instructional Development: Select Wednesdays 3:45- 5:00pm
This strand of ECHO Sessions provides supportive ideas that can be applied at the classroom level.