Nursing is different here. Experience Public Health Nursing in rural Alaska.  

Public Health Nursing on the Front Line

Opportunities, challenges, and rewards await you in Alaska!


A great opportunity for Baccalaureate-prepared new nurse graduates or RNs who have not yet had any public health nursing experience. The broad orientation, competency building and skills development in public health nursing received as a PHN I builds a strong foundation in generalist PHN practice. With at least one year of successful PHN experience, and completion of the training and orientation plan, the PHN I is ready to be promoted to the PHN II level.

Class Specification: Public Health Nurse I


Baccalaureate-prepared nurses with at least one year of public health nursing experience may be hired at the PHN II level. The PHN II works under general direction and may participate in all aspects of PHN practice in health centers, or in itinerant PHN training positions. PHN II is considered the fully skilled level of practice.
There are 47 PHN I/II positions, which are flexibly staffed to be hired at the PHN I or II level, dependent on experience.

Class Specification: Public Health Nurse II


The most independent and autonomous PHN practice level, the PHN III is considered the expert level of practice. A PHN III may serve as a team leader for a group of staff, a PHN in a single nurse station, or an Itinerant PHN. The work of the PHN III is never dull and frequently challenging. It is a chance to work and know the community or village thoroughly and to be a significant part of healthy solutions. Due to the independent and broad generalist practice at the PHN III level, at least two years of PHN experience is required. There are 47 PHN III positions.

Class Specification: Public Health Nurse III


The Nurse Managers in our larger public health centers are PHN IVs. They lead and supervise the work of a group of staff for Health Center services and/or Itinerant services. The Nurse Managers may oversee more than one public health center location, or a group of staff within a larger health center. The PHN IV is a recognized public health leader in their community or area, and serves on the Statewide PHN Management Team. There are 8 PHN IV positions.

Class Specification: Public Health Nurse IV


The Regional Nursing Managers who oversee and direct all public health nursing services, programs, and staff in a Region are the PHN Vs. They are responsible for public health concerns in the large geographic areas known as the Southeast, South Central, Southwest, and Interior Regions. The Frontier Region PHN V works with statewide consultants and the PHN grantee agencies. These positions have a great opportunity to impact the health of our state and the work of public health nursing. There are 5 PHN V positions.

Class Specification: Public Health Nurse V


The Advanced Nurse Practitioners must be licensed as an ANP to provide diagnosis, treatment, prescriptions, and case-responsible care for clients receiving Reproductive Health services—primarily family planning and sexually transmitted disease services from Public Health Centers. The ANPs provide clinical expertise and guidance in PHN protocols and practice. The ANP positions are titled Health Practitioner I in the State of Alaska Personnel system and on Workplace Alaska. There are 8 Health Practitioner I positions.

Class Specification: Health Practitioner I

Public Health Nursing Statewide Program Staff

Nurse Consultant I and II

The Nurse Consultants are “content experts” in Reproductive and Women’s Health, Child Health, Nursing Informatics, Quality Improvement and Assurance, Staff Development, Public Health Preparedness, Public Health and Nursing Practice. The Nurse Consultants work with public health nursing staff statewide and with the entire PHN Management team to keep Alaska public health nursing on the cutting edge in population-focused evidence-based practice. They provide training, audits, evaluation, and consultation, as well as their advisory functions, and participate on interagency work groups to develop policy and guidelines. There are 8 Nurse Consultants.

Class Specification: Nurse Consultant I and Class Specification: Nurse Consultant II

Chief and Deputy Chief of Public Health Nursing

The Chief and Deputy Chief are the Executive level leaders and administrators of Public Health Nursing and set the overall direction for the Public Health Nursing Section in collaboration with the PHN Management team, the Division of Public Health Executive team, and the Department of Health and Social Services leadership. It is a great professional honor to represent and advocate for Alaska public health nursing and all of the work and accomplishments of the Section.

Class Specification: Assistant Chief, Public Health Nursing

Class Specification: Chief, Public Health Nursing

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