Business and Employer Toolkits

Updated February 18, 2022

Alaska's employers play a critical role in delivering important public health messages. Here you'll find communications resources for any organization that wants to keep workers, partners, clients, and customers informed about COVID-19.

COVID-19 Vaccine Boosters Toolkit

This toolkit provides easy-to-use materials for employers, managers, human resources professionals, and others who seek to provide information about booster shots.

Download the full COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Toolkit (PDF).

What's included:

  • Flyer - Boost Your Protection (PDF): This flyer can be shared digitally or printed out and posted in common areas, such as staff breakrooms, restrooms, bulletin boards, or other high-traffic or highly visible spaces.
  • Info sheet - Answers to Common Questions about COVID-19 Vaccine Boosters (PDF): This info sheet answers common questions about booster shots and can be a useful resource to guide conversations with employees. The info sheet can be shared digitally or printed out then distributed and posted.
  • Template email to employees (PDF):This template email is an example of a message that could be shared with employees. Feel free to use all or parts of this message, or to adjust the language to suit your organization's needs. This template email can also provide talking points for in-person conversations.
  • Communications checklist (PDF): This checklist suggests ideas for how to promote accurate information about COVID-19 vaccine boosters for your staff.

Resources to download, print and share

In 2020, the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services (DHSS) produced a spectrum of printable signs and other materials to help businesses communicate the measures they've taken in response to the pandemic. These materials remain available to be used as needed.

Tips for implementing these materials (PDF)

Signage to encourage physical distancing:

Floor decal or display stand graphic to encourage physical distancing in line:

Commitment to customers signage for employee and customer spaces:

Commitment to our customer

Signage to ask sick customers and employees to stay home:

Sick worker expectations signage for employee spaces such as break room and restrooms:

Hand hygiene instructions for restrooms and employee spaces such as break rooms:

Door badges for Covid Conscious businesses that promote mask wearing and distancing:

Embeddable badges for Covid Conscious businesses that promote mask wearing and distancing:


Covid Conscious Bear Badge

Covid Conscious Crab Badge


Covid Conscious Moose Badge 

Covid Conscious Raven Badge 


Thanks to Foundation Health Partners for permitting the adaption of its business toolkit for statewide use. Thank you to other collaborators in the development and/or distribution of Covid Conscious messages, including: the Alaska Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development; Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium; Anchorage Economic Development Corporation; Municipality of Anchorage; and Catholic Social Services Refugee Assistance and Immigration Services.