Frequently Asked Questions about Autism

I am concerned that my child may not be developing normally. Who should I contact?

I am worried that I may not be able to afford the testing needed to find out if my child has autism, and the treatment needed following a diagnosis. What kind of financial resources are available to help?

  • Contact the Alaska Division of Public Assistance to find out if you qualify for assistance through Denali KidCare or TEFRA (Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act). For more information, call 907-269-6529.

What support and resources are available in my area of Alaska?

What causes autism?

  • Despite ongoing research, we do not know all of the causes of autism spectrum disorders. However, we have learned that there are likely many causes of different types of autism disorders. Environmental, biologic and genetic factors may make one child more likely to develop an autism disorder than another child.
  • To find out more about current and credible autism research, visit the CDC Web site.