Salvation Army Clitheroe Center

The Salvation Army Clitheroe Center is a 42-Bed State Certified and Nationally Accredited Substance Use Disorder and Co-Occurring/Dual Diagnosis Residential Treatment Center in Anchorage, Alaska.

Mission:  “The mission of The Salvation Army Clitheroe Center is to improve the quality of life for all Alaskans seeking treatment for substance abuse through culturally relevant evidence-based practices to contribute to lifetime recovery.”

Residential Programs Services:  We provide 3 different residential treatment programs.  We provide separate ASAM Level 3.5 Intensive treatment programs for men and women.  We also provide the only ASAM 3.3 integrated Co-Occurring/Dual Diagnosis co-ed treatment program in Alaska for substance use and mental health disorders, with mental health clinicians as directing clinicians.  Each client has their own individual counselor/therapist.  We provide a 24/7 structured program with staff supervision.  There are daily group counseling/therapy groups and clients have weekly and as needed individual counseling/therapy with their counselor.  Other specialized staff include Case Manager, Peer Support Recovery Coach, Nurse, and a Benefits/Financial Coordinator.  Secure and monitored medication self-administration is scheduled daily and as needed.  We help each client to work with their own healthcare providers in the community for primary, psychiatric, and specialized medical care as needed.  Length of treatment averages 3-4 months.

Clitheroe Treatment:  Recovery, Trauma Focused and Individualized Treatment:  What is Recovery - A process of change through which individuals improve their health and wellness, live a self-directed life, and strive to reach their full potential (SAMHSA).  Clitheroe provides evidence-based curriculums and programming to meet the strengths and needs of each person.  Our unique approach is to individualize treatment by assisting you to identify your own underlying core issues, often related to trauma, that are a trigger for the use of alcohol and other drugs.  We help you develop healthy wellness coping skills and a strong network of support through clean and sober friends and support groups such as AA/NA, Celebrating Recovery, Peer Support Groups, etc.  Our goal is to help you start on life-long recovery.

Tobacco-Free:  All Clitheroe Center campus Buildings and Property Are Tobacco Free.  Clitheroe affirms that tobacco/nicotine is a serious addictive drug with similarity to heroin.  Our goal is to assist clients to recover from all substance use disorders, including tobacco/nicotine.

Campus:  Clitheroe Residential Center is located on a beautiful and secluded large, heavily wooded campus in Anchorage on Port Woronzof near Cook Inlet with large outdoor areas for volleyball, softball, walking paths and more.  We have abundant wildlife with Moose, Eagles, Geese, and squirrels.  We have a large main two-story building with living areas on the upper floor and treatment areas on the lower floor.  There is a large common living room with large screen cable TV, computers, and tables for games and crafts.  There are also separate men and women’s day rooms for free time that include TVs and DVDs for movies.  Bedrooms are communal living with 3 to 6 persons per room with separate restrooms/showers and laundry rooms.  The lower level includes group counseling rooms as well as our work out gym with variety of exercise equipment, library, and counselor offices.  Finally, the campus includes large gardens and clients can volunteer to learn horticulture and help grow natural vegetables that are used in our own kitchen.

Intake & Other Services:  Our intake office for residential is at our Clitheroe Outpatient Center in East Anchorage.  Pre-admission assessment and interim treatment, as well as post-residential aftercare are available services at our Outpatient Center.

Salvation Army Clitheroe Center 

Facility Details

Location: 3600 E 20th Ave, Anchorage, AK 99508
Care Level: ASAM Level 3.5
Age Range: 18+
Gender(s): Co-Ed
Beds: 42
Length of Stay: 3-4 Months (average)

Contact Information

Kristine Hanna
Clitheroe Intake Coordinator
Phone: 907-770-8812
Website: Clitheroe