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Long Term Care Facilities

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Surveys are conducted for long term care facilities every year on average. There are currently 18 long term care facilities throughout Alaska.
The Medicare Conditions of Participation (CoPs), Requirements for Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs) and Nursing Facilities (NFs), and Conditions for Coverage (CfCs) are sets of requirements for acceptable quality in the operation of health care entities. There is a set of Conditions, or Requirements for SNFs and NFs, for each type of provider or supplier subject to certification. In addition to each Condition, or Requirement for SNFs and NFs, there is a group of related quality standards, with the Condition or Requirement expressed in a summary lead sentence or paragraph characterizing the quality or result of operations to which all the subsidiary standards are directed.
The State Agency, by a survey conducted by qualified health professionals, determines whether and how each standard is met. While an institution may fail to comply with one or more of the subsidiary standards during any given survey, it cannot participate in Medicare unless it meets each and every Condition or attains substantial compliance with requirements for SNFs and NFs.
Many Condition or Requirement summaries are identical to statements of the statute. The essence of what the SA certifies to CMS is a finding of whether an institution meets each of the CoPs or substantially meets each requirement for SNFs and NFs applicable to it, and whether each supplier of services meets each CfC applicable to it.

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Long Term Care Survey Process

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Skilled Nursing Facility Inspection Report (CMS-2567)

Statement of Deficiencies - The State Agency prepares its certification for the CMS Regional Office and sends the facility a "Statement of Deficiencies (SoD)," Form CMS-2567. The facility is given 10 calendar days in which to respond with a Plan of Correction (PoC) for each cited deficiency, and enters this response on the form containing the statement of deficiencies.

The following list of documents contain a CMS-2567 “Statement of Deficiencies” and “Plan of Correction” for each long term care facility in the state of Alaska. This list include the reports for State Licensure surveys, Federal Certification surveys, complaint surveys, and Life Safety Code surveys.

LTC Facility Inspection Reports