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Certificate of Need (CON) Program Summary

The Certificate of Need (CON) program is a review process used to promote responsive health facility and service development, rational health planning, health care quality, access to health care, and health care cost containment. Project reviews help ensure that the public will be able to comment on the project during its development, that it fits well within the continuum of care, and that the project will meet the public need while preventing excessive, unnecessary, or duplicative development of facilities or services.

The review process involves evaluation of plan narratives, relevant data, and architectural designs to remodel, expand or build health care facilities and add new services. An important part of the review is the public process. During each review, a time period is assigned to receive written public comments and if it is requested, a public meeting is scheduled to receive comments in person. Public comment activities give local consumers a chance to present their perspectives on how the project should be implemented.

The State of Alaska has a vested interest in new health care construction projects and equipment purchases because of the large amount of money the state expends for Medicaid. 

Demographic projections suggest that Alaskan health care services will expand to meet the needs of a growing population including a much larger senior population. Therefore, circumstances mandate that new and expanded services be planned properly to get the highest quality and most appropriate services possible at the best price.

Certificate of Need:

Alexandria Hicks, Coordinator