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Alaska Senior Survey

Your Voices Have Been Heard!

The deadline for participatin in the Alaska Senior Survey has passed. Thank you to everyone who was able to send in a survey. The Alaska Commission on Aging heard your input on these topics and others related to aging in Alaska.  Your opinions matter and we thank you for sharing them! More information about the Alaska Senior Survey results will be posted in the coming months.

About the Alaska Senior Survey

What do you think are the most important issues affecting Alaska seniors today? What services are lacking that would make your community a better place to live and age? Do you think Alaska is a great place to live, raise a family, and grow old? How can we make Alaska a better place to live our golden years? 

Every four years, Alaska has the opportunity to define the values, principles, and directions that will guide the provision of senior services over the next four years. The last senior survey conducted in 2022 gathered more than 5,900 responses from seniors statewide. The Alaska Commission on Aging is now in the process of developing the new Alaska State Plan for Senior Services that will cover state fiscal years 2024 through 2027. Public input from the senior survey, in addition to elder-senior community forums and the provider survey is used to guide the development of the State Plan’s goals, objectives, strategies, and performance measures that the state follows in using public funding to support senior programs. In addition, this information is used to frame the Commission’s advocacy efforts over the next four years.   

Alaska submits its four-year state plan to the U.S. Administration on Community Living, as a requirement of the Older Americans Act, which provides federal funding for a range of senior programs including senior meals, transportation, in-home supports, elder safety, senior vocational training, and much more. The Alaska Commission on Aging, in collaboration with the State Plan Advisory Council comprised of seniors, agencies serving seniors, and other stakeholders, develops the four year Alaska State Plan for Senior Services. Public input from seniors and their caregivers is critical to the development of Alaska’s state senior plan. Seniors understand first-hand what works well for an older person. We depend on you to provide your candid assessment of all that needs attention within the continuum of services for Alaska seniors.

For further information, please contact the Alaska Commission on Aging at 907-465-3250 or send us an email addressed to​. Thank you for taking part in this important state plan process for Alaska seniors!