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Index of Investigation Reports

For additional information and questions about ordering copies of any of the reports below,
please contact the Alaska Injury Surveillance Program, 907-269-8000, or e-mail

  • AKFACE 03-06: Worker struck by side ring of multi-piece (split) rim during wheel installation
  • AKFACE 02-08: Logger killed when crushed between two trees
  • AKFACE 03-05: Business owner dies in forklift rollover
  • AKFACE 01-27: A 14-year-old laborer crushed under 5-ton beam
  • AKFACE 01-18: Construction materials technician electrocuted after contacting power line at quarry
  • AKFACE 01-15: Construction laborer/equipment operator crushed by skid-steer loader
  • AKFACE 01-08: Mechanic struck-by backhoe while assisting with excavator disassembly
  • AKFACE 01-05: Yardman fatally injured after struck by beam
  • AKFACE 00-24: Logger and logging supervisor killed by uprooted tree
  • AKFACE 00-11: Lineman killed after contacting charge switch
  • AKFACE 00-10: Logger crushed while bucking tree
  • AKFACE 00-07: Truck driver fatally injured after falling into an ore hopper
  • AKFACE 00-06: Welder killed in tank explosion
  • AKFACE 99-27: Heavy equipment operator killed during rollover of front-end loader
  • AKFACE 99-21: Logger killed when struck by rebounding tree
  • AKFACE 99-20: Deckhand killed when struck by collapsed boom
  • AKFACE 99-19: Driller's helper electrocuted when mast of drill rig contacted overhead power lines
  • AKFACE 99-15: Logger killed when struck by a dislodged limb
  • AKFACE 99-14: Warehouseman crushed while unloading pipe from a trailer
  • AKFACE 99-12: Drill operator crushed between drill rig and transport vehicle
  • AKFACE 99-11: Laborer/rigger electrocuted during an aerial lift of equipment
  • AKFACE 98-27: Pipefitter dies from 40-foot fall
  • AKFACE 98-23: Apprentice lineman killed when caught in trencher
  • AKFACE 98-21: Scrap metal cutter dies from injuries sustained in storage tank explosion
  • AKFACE 98-18: Ironworker crushed between crane outrigger and back of stretch deck trailer
  • AKFACE 98-16: Assistant mountaineering guide falls on Denali
  • AKFACE 98-15: Apprentice plumber killed while using power lift
  • AKFACE 98-12: Volunteer ranger dies from fall on Denali
  • AKFACE 98-06: Worker fatally mauled by brown bear
  • AKFACE 97-40: Worker crushed by forklift tines
  • AKFACE 97-33: Laborer dies from crush injuries when he was struck-by a suspended overhaul ball
  • AKFACE 97-27: Logger killed while attempting to dislodge a previously felled tree with another tree
  • AKFACE 97-23: Logger killed while felling tree
  • AKFACE 97-19: A low bed trailer operator was crushed during a surface compactor tipover
  • AKFACE 97-13: Concrete pump truck operator electrocuted when boom contacts overhead power line
  • AKFACE 97-11: Bulldozer operator dies following equipment submersion
  • AKFACE 96-45: Crew member struck by grease fitting during maintenance of vessel steering quadrant
  • AKFACE 96-35: Ski-patrol/guide crushed by snow cat during ski trail grooming operations
  • AKFACE 95-24: Laborer electrocuted when crane contacts 7200-Volt three-phase power line
  • AKFACE 95-23: Commercial fish vessel skipper dies after being pulled into a deck winch
  • AKFACE 95-18: Independent contractor dies in boom truck roll-over
  • AKFACE 95-08: Operator crushed when dockside crane tips over
  • AKFACE 95-05: Soldier killed in vehicle roll-over at Army Base
  • AKFACE 95-04: Mail Transportation Pilot Dies in Crash of Cessna 207
  • AKFACE 95-03: Stevedore Falls to Deck of Tug in Dutch Harbor
  • AKFACE 95-01: Crabbing Vessel Capsizes in the Bearing Sea
  • AKFACE 94-51: Logging crane operator dies in crane tip-over
  • AKFACE 94-50: Logging equipment manager dies in helicopter tail rotor strike
  • AKFACE 94-12: Welder's helper asphyxiated in argon-entered pipe
  • AKFACE 93-45: Carpenter dies after 12-foot fall from ladder
  • AKFACE 93-24: Welder dies as a result of fishing vessel explosion
  • AKFACE 93-11: Independent contractor dies in sewer line excavation engulfment
  • AKFACE 93-04: Owner of logging company crushed by rootward of windfall tree during bucking operation
  • AKFACE 93-03: Truck driver killed when struck by log that rolled off truck during loading operation
  • AKFACE 92-61: Truck driver dies from asphyxiation after entanglement in dump truck power take-off (PTO)
  • AKFACE 92-47: School bus driver crushed while preparing to install tire chains on minibus
  • AKFACE 92-36: Operator dies in oxygen-deficient compartment of ice-making barge
  • AKFACE 92-32: Commercial fisherman drowned after fishing vessel capsized
  • AKFACE 92-17: Mountain expedition guide dies in fall into crevasse on Mt. McKinley
  • AKFACE 92-16: Police officer dies from 41-foot fall from roof of fire training tower
  • AKFACE 92-15: Tree faller crushed by dislodged tree
  • AKFACE 92-14: Commercial fisherman presumed drowned after fishing vessel capsized
  • AKFACE 92-13: Bulldozer operator crushed by bulldozer during construction of oil exploration island
  • AKFACE 92-12: Powerline worker electrocuted while performing maintenance on overhead powerline
  • AKFACE 92-11: Ironworker dies following an 18-foot fall from structural steel framework
  • AKFACE 92-10: Tree faller/bucker crushed between two logs while bucking a fallen tree
  • AKFACE 92-09: Tree faller killed when struck by decayed slab jarred loose by fallen tree
  • AKFACE 91-53: Roofer dies in 16-Foot fall from residential roof
  • AKFACE 91-13: Assistant manager at ice rink asphyxiated by an oxygen-deficient atmosphere

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