Alaska Brain Injury Network relocation and Work Plan for those with Traumatic Brain Injury

The Alaska Brain Injury Network (ABIN) recently relocated their operations to 121 W Fireweed Lane, Suite 175, Anchorage AK 99503. ABIN had an open house on March 22nd to celebrate this move. Many professionals and consumers attended this event to include key staff from Senior & Disabilities Services (SDS); Duane Mayes, Lisa Morley, and Kara Thrasher Livingston. SDS takes pride in being a partner with ABIN and those organizations that serve Alaskans with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

ABIN workgroup ABIN relocation ABIN relocation

On March 24th, all of the key organizations serving Alaskans with TBI met to discuss the current TBI Project, existing services, training, and support groups, to craft a new work plan to meet the demands of those with TBI. Those in attendance were the following:

  • Anders Harstad-Bell, Independent Living Manager with Access Alaska
  • Doug White, Executive Director with Access Alaska
  • Duane Mayes, Division Director with SDS
  • Kara Thrasher Livingston, Lead Trainer for SDS
  • Conor O’Dea, Program Manager for SDS
  • Lisa Morley, Grants Manager for SDS
  • Elisabeth Donnelly, Executive Director for ABIN
  • Julie Davies, Program staff to ABIN
  • Lakota Holman, Senior Program Manager with the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (ANTHC)
  • Tara Stiller, TABI Program staff for ANTHC
  • Jeanne Gehardt-Cyrus, TABI Coordinator for Manillaq Corporation
  • Karen Heath, Director of Research & Evaluation with the Center for Human Development (CHD)
  • Danielle Reed, Research Professional with CHD

We would like to thank everyone for their participation and look forward to the
challenge to serve those Alaskans with TBI in need.