Good Faith Services suspended from Medicaid due to credible allegation of fraud

The Department of Health and Social Services has determined that a credible allegation of fraud exists against Good Faith Services, a personal care and waiver service provider. Therefore, the Department of Health and Social Services has suspended all Medicaid payments to Good Faith Services, as of yesterday, 11/25/2013.

What happens to recipients?

Medicaid recipients who have been authorized to receive personal care and waiver services from Good Faith are being sent letters to explain this situation and are being provided a list of other providers in the event that Good Faith ceases to continue to provide services since they are unable to bill Medicaid. If you are a care coordinator for an individual receiving services from Good Faith, you may need to assist them with transferring their care to agencies that can bill Medicaid.

Personal Care and Waiver Service Agencies that receive recipient transfers will have those service authorizations expedited by Senior and Disabilities Services. Please remember that recipients should be offered a choice in providers and soliciting recipients is not authorized.

Can Individual PCAs employed by Good Faith continue to provide services?

If you are currently employed by Good Faith Services, you may continue to provide personal care services BUT Good Faith Services will not have funding through Medicaid to pay you. In order to be paid by Medicaid

  • You must apply and be hired by a new PCA agency; and
  • You must obtain background check clearance

If I am hiring a PCA who is transferring from Good Faith Services, what do I need to do to have his/her background check expedited as quickly as possible?

PCA agencies who are seeking to employ PCAs transferring from Good Faith Services should enter a new application into the background check database for each transferring PCA and ask that the application is expedited. PCA agencies SHOULD NOT pay any application fees for those individuals. As soon as the new applications are submitted, the PCA agency should email the BCP at with the names and case ID numbers for each transferring PCA. The BCP will waive the application fee and process the application as quickly as possible. If PCA agencies have any questions, they should contact Karen Darby at the Background Check Program at 334-4475 or

The Department of Health and Social Services is striving to ensure that Medicaid recipients are not adversely affected by the payment suspension to Good Faith. If you have questions, please email If you have a concern that an individual is at risk of harm, please call Adult Protective Services at 907-269-3666 or 1-800-478-9996 (in state only).