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Medicaid Reform in Alaska Inclusive Community Choices Changes to Long Term Services & Support





As a part of Governor Walker’s effort to reform Medicaid services in Alaska, the Department of Health is starting a project to explore two options in the social security act known as Medicaid 1915(k) Community First Choice and 1915(i) Home and Community-Based Services. These options may replace Personal Care Assistance services and some Home and Community-Based Services.

The reason we are exploring these options is that we want to increase the amount of Medicaid funding that Alaska receives from the federal government. An increase in funding is essential, if we want to sustain services designed for seniors, people with developmental disabilities, mental illness, or brain injuries. It is also possible that the new options could help us expand the number of people eligible for these programs.

By federal requirement, states that seek to develop and implement these options must provide opportunities for public input during the project planning phase. Accordingly, we will hold meetings in communities across the state to give Alaskans opportunities to provide input on the 1915(i/k) options. For more information on these meetings, click the links to the left of this message.

We hope you will provide input, if you have an interest in Medicaid programs aimed at helping Alaskans who are seniors or have developmental disabilities, mental illness, or brain injuries. We need your input and advice on how to structure the new options to stretch our funding and help as many Alaskans as possible.

News and Public Notices

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