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Developmental Disabilities Program Medicaid Waivers

The Developmental Disabilities Program offers two waivers. One is for Children with Complex Medical Conditions (CCMC) and the other is for persons experiencing developmental disabilities (MRDD). Waivers are for people who meet much higher standards of care than those typically funded through other developmental disability programs. These "waivers" represent a program Alaska developed under provisions of Section 1915(c) of the Social Security Act. A waiver is actually used to mean the source of funding is "federal" rather than"general state funds." Waivers are a Medicaid program and adhere to both state and federal regulations.

To be determined eligible for a waiver, a person must be found to be eligible for Medicaid and be enrolled with the Division of Medical Assistance (DMA). The eligible person must also meet the Level of Care. A Plan of Care must be developed and agreed upon between the consumer, or parent/guardian, and providers of service. Furthermore, there must be a provider agency with the capacity to provide the desired service in a safe responsible manner. Persons interested in waiver services should contact their regional program specialist (RPO). Currently there is a waitlist for services under the MRDD waiver program.