Alaska eHealth Network's Orion Health Direct Secure Messaging (DSM) service

YouSendIt Encryption Email Service: No Longer In Use By SDS

As of August 24, 2012 Senior & Disabilities Services (SDS) no longer uses YouSendIt for their encryption email service. SDS is now using Alaska eHealth Network’s Orion Health Direct Secure Messaging (DSM) service. SDS will not be able to communicate via email with you regarding HIPAA protected information until you have an active DSM account.

To sign up for an Alaska eHealth Network’s DSM service account you will need to call Alaska eHealth Network at 1-800-642-1810 or email them at or visit their website

Please, make sure that SDS has your current contact information on file during this transition period by emailing the following information to so that SDS can contact you via an alternative method until your DSM account becomes active:

  1. Organizational affiliation
  2. Current mailing address
  3. Current fax number
  4. Current telephone number
  5. Whether you have a DSM account or have started the process to get one
  6. Once you have an active DSM email account, please, email that address to so that we can update your information

The announcement regarding the change in encryption email service was released via SDS E-Alerts. If you have not signed up for SDS E-Alerts, please, do so now at