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Free Developmental Screening

Alaska's Infant Learning/Early Intervention Program understands the challenges and rewards of living and working with young children. Alaska's families, teachers, therapists, medical professionals, and administrators all share the goal of improved development for all children, especially those experiencing disabilities. We also recognize the vital importance of early diagnosis and getting services started, which is why we offer free developmental screening throughout the state.

Alaska's Infant Learning/Early Intervention Program utilizes the highly regarded 3rd edition of the "Ages and Stages Questionnaire" (ASQ-3) as its primary developmental screening tool. Learn more about developmental screening and the ASQ-3 through the resources on this page.

PDFWelcome letter from Part C/EI Manager

This one page PDF welcome letter introduces the ASQ-3 online efrforts to potential community partners.

PDF"What is ASQ"

The Ages & Stages Questionnaires (ASQ-3) is a set of questionnaires about children’s development. It has been used for more than 20 years to make sure children are developing well. This one page .pdf , developed by Brookes Publishing, provides a quick overview of the ASQ-3.

"Developmental Screening Works" 3-Minute Video


Success story: When Jessica's three-year-old son suddenly stopped talking, staff at the Delta First 5 Center suggested he receive developmental screening. The results changed their lives.

PDFAlaska's statewide ASQ online initiative

PowerPoint Presentation Prepared for the Zero to Three National Training Institute San Antonio, Texas December 13, 2013. This .pdf of the PowerPoint presentation shares Alaska’s experience of how Ages and Stages Online screening can increase access to developmental screening.