Success Stories: Swing high sweet Juliana

My daughter, Juliana, had developmental delays from the beginning and I recognized the ugly face of Autism all over again. Her brother Jeremy, is Autistic and I had seen it all before. Thankfully, ILP’s early intervention specialists noticed Juliana’s delays early on and she began receiving ILP services when she was four months old.

Juliana’s development was different than her brother’s. She never rolled over and would arch up on the back of her head off of the floor and watch everything upside down.

Eventually, she learned to go from a lying down position to completely sitting up without using her arms. At the same time, she could pick up tiny objects with her fingers. She drew intricate pictures at a very early age. She never developed pre-verbal “baby talk” and tended to be quiet. At 22 months, Juliana was dually diagnosed with Autism as well as Pica (a condition where she eats non-food items) and she began occupational and physical therapy and speech services.

Today, she is learning to follow directions, has become somewhat echolalic (repeats what is said to her), and loves putting puzzles together. She has numerous allergies and still struggles with transition and sensory overload. She doesn’t initiate conversation, but she sings constantly and knows and loves many nursery rhymes which she has memorized.

The Infant Learning Program has really made a difference in our lives.

My children made great strides in their development and I became educated right along with the ILP providers as to what Autism is and how it affects my children. I’m grateful for the support and help they gave me when it came to transitioning both children into the School District system. Today, I’m an early intervention advocate for parents and I know I would not be able to have come this far without ILP’s help. Thank you.

- Donna Jordan