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our mission


Senior and Disabilities Services promotes health, well being and safety for individuals with disabilities, seniors and vulnerable adults by facilitating access to quality services and supports that foster independence, personal choice and dignity.


Choice, safety, independence and dignity in home and community-based living

Service Principles

Senior and Disabilities Services is person-centered and incorporates this value into the following service principles:

  • We and our partners are responsible and accountable for the efficient and effective management of services.
  • We and our partners foster an environment of fairness, equality, integrity and honesty.
  • Individuals have a right to choice and self-determination and are treated with respect, dignity and compassion.
  • Individuals have knowledge of and access to community services.
  • Individuals are safe and served in the least restrictive manner.
  • Quality services promote independence and incorporate each individual’s culture and value system.
  • Quality services are designed and delivered to build communities where all members are included, respected and valued.
  • Quality services are delivered through collaboration and community partnerships.
  • Quality services are provided by competent, trained caregivers who are chosen by individuals and their families.

PDFMission powerpoint slide presentation