SDS E-Alert: Statewide Moratorium on Enrollment of New Personal Care Assistance Agencies

The Alaska Department of Health and Social Services (DHSS) has petitioned the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for permission to authorize a moratorium on Medicaid enrollment of specific provider types. DHSS received a March 25, 2014 letter from CMS approving this request

Effective immediately, DHSS is imposing a moratorium on Medicaid enrollment of the following provider types:

  • Consumer Directed Personal Care Agencies
  • Agency Based Personal Care Assistant Agencies

DHSS may exempt specific providers from the moratorium based on prior enrollment and demonstration of undue recipient hardship as a result of the moratorium.

The moratorium will remain in effect for a period of six months, until September 25th, 2014, unless DHSS deems it appropriate to extend the moratorium, and receives further concurrence from CMS to do so.

DHSS is actively engaged in investigating cases of provider fraud, waste and abuse. The purpose of the moratorium is to allow DHSS time to finish ongoing investigations, provide technical assistance to existing providers, and to propose policy and regulatory changes to prevent further Medicaid program abuse. As always, the Department will seek feedback and participation from providers and other stakeholders regarding any proposed changes.

Questions may be directed to:

Lynne Keilman-Cruz, Senior and Disabilities Services - 269-5606 or

Doug Jones, Medicaid Program Integrity - 269-0361.