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Attention: we are updating the website to better serve Alaska. There may be some reduced services as we transition to the new system. Thank you for your patience.
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During the COVID-19 emergency the Center for Medicaid Services has waived the requirement for in-person yearly assessments. The waiver also includes the option to conduct assessments using the telephone.

SDS follows the Alaska Department of Health's COVID-19 Recommendations for Seniors.

The recommendations cover persons over 65 years of age and persons who have serious chronic medical conditions. The recommendations include staying home as much as possible and staying in touch by phone or email. Recipients of HCBW services may decline a teleassessment at the location of a provider partner and may also decline in-home visits from an SDS Assessor.

Many providers statewide have partnered with the Division of Senior and Disabilities Services (“SDS”) to enable the use of audio, visual or data communication methods for teleassessments. An assessment is required to determine if an individual is eligible for Home and Community Based Waiver Services, Community First Choice Services and Personal Care Services.

SDS assessors conduct a teleassessment or an in-person assessment, to determine eligibility based on the level of care needed.

Individuals receiving Home and Community Based Waiver Services and Community First Choice Services are evaluated annually. People receiving Personal Care Services only are usually evaluated less frequently. Both assessments and ongoing evaluations, as well as other follow-up meetings, can be completed by SDS using teleassessment.

Our What to Expect from SDS Teleassessment Brochure (linked to the Brochure) explains the process. Teleassessments save travel costs and are also not affected by bad weather, which often delays in-person assessments in rural Alaska.

Provider partners

  1. Aleutian Pribilof Islands Association
  2. Bristol Bay Health Corp.
  3. Community Connections
  4. Cordova Community Medical Center
  5. Eastern Aleutian Tribes
  6. Hope Community Resources
  7. Maniilaq Association
  8. Norton Sound Health Corp.
  9. Providence Valdez Counseling Center
  10. South Peninsula Behavioral Health
  11. Yukon Kuskokwim Health Corp.

Provider Agreement Information

Please note that all the forms displayed here are strictly to be used as a sample reference.

Provider Agreement Contact Information:

Donna P Jones
Grant Manager
DOH FMS Grants and Contracts
P.O. Box 110650
Juneau, AK 99811-0650
Phone: 907-465-3469
Fax: 907-465-3419

Note: If you are an entity that would like to be one of our Telehealth Providers, please contact Donna Jones at for Telehealth Provider Agreement official packet of documents.

Provider Reimbursement

Please note that all the forms displayed here are strictly to be used as a sample reference and not as an official form to apply.

Important Notes for Applicants and Forms for Applicants

If you are a Care Coordinator or a Personal Care Services Agency for a client that would like to have a teleassessment or, you received a communication from the SDS notifying you of that possibility, please make sure to turn in the following documents with your client’s application:

  1. These documents are required for all applications requesting a CAT teleassessment.
  2. If you are a Personal Care Services Agency – please upload all the documents listed above through Harmony using note type: “consumer application” and note sub type: “telehealth submitted”.
  3. If you are a Care Coordinator – please send all the documents listed above through DSM using the original e-mail you received from the Division of Senior and Disabilities Services.
  4. TELE-02A Consent for IDD Teleassessment is required for all applicants requesting an IDD teleassessment.


Teleassessment Coordinator
1835 Bragaw Street, Suite 350
Anchorage, AK 99508
Tel: 907-269-3666
Fax: 907-269-3689
Toll Free: 1-800-478-9996