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Emily Beaulieu
Title XIX Administrator

Kate Hudson
Title XXI (CHIP)

Emily Ricci
Medicaid Director

Archive of Tribal
Consultation Letters


Medicaid Tribal Consultation

NOTE: The following applies to the (federally required) Medicaid tribal consultation policy and not to the general Department of Health consultation policy.  

In accordance with federal requirements, the Medicaid agency engages tribal health organizations in a consultative process before submitting to CMS proposals for demonstrations and waivers and state plan amendments (SPAs) implementing changes in eligibility requirements; reductions in reimbursement rates; changes in reimbursement methodologies; reductions in covered services; changes in provider qualifications or requirements; and other SPAs with a direct impact on American Indians or Alaska Natives (AI/ANs), tribal health organizations, or the Indian Health Service. Consultation facilitates tribal health system involvement in the decision-making process while preserving the right of the department to make appropriate decisions about the administration of the Medicaid program.


March 1, 2023 - Welcome to the redesigned Medicaid tribal consultation webpage intended to provide tribal partners with a readily accessible and comprehensive location for notices, resources, and an archive of past consultative activity.

To ensure access to the latest information, please take advantage of the option to sign up to receive notices via email or text messaging. After a brief transition period, this delivery mechanism will wholly replace notices previously transmitted by individual emails or the United States Postal Service.

Published Documents