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AMCCI Member Program overview

The Alaska Medicaid Coordinated Care Initiative (AMCCI) is an exciting new program offered by the Division of Health Care Services (DHCS). It provides one-on-one case management services and helps members to obtain health care in the appropriate setting.  The AMCCI will assist our members to navigate the health care system and appropriately use the benefits of the Alaska Medicaid program.
Do you have trouble getting to your appointments or finding health care after normal business hours? Is it difficult to find care for your condition or to understand your diagnosis? Can you get your medications timely or do you sometimes miss taking some of your medications?  Do you understand why you need your medication? Do you need help finding a doctor?

If you experience any of these difficulties, then AMCCI may be right for you. Read further to learn how the program can help you. Then click the link below to volunteer for AMCCI.

The AMCCI is here to help!

DHCS is actively seeking member volunteers to participate in the AMCCI. The aim of the AMCCI is to provide personalized one-on-one attention and case management services to members.  Case managers will assist members to coordinate their care in collaboration with their medical providers. Your assigned case manager will become your advocate to assist you to meet your health care needs. Our goal is to help members feel better and be healthier. Members will receive: 
  • An assigned one-on-one case manager
  • A discussion of your health care needs
  • A plan to obtain the health care and support you need
  • Advocacy from your case manager
  • Primary care providers
  • Assistance to obtain referrals to providers & specialists, as needed
  • Assistance in getting care in the appropriate setting
  • Assistance getting transportation
  • Assistance getting housing
  • Education about your medications & health care conditions
  • Additional support to obtain and access health care needed

The initial participation in the program is 12 months, although members will have the opportunity to continue with the program after 12 months if they chose to do so.