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Renee Gayhart staff photo
Renee Gayhart

Our Mission


We provide to all eligible Alaskans access and oversight to the full range of appropriate Medicaid services. We also protect Alaska’s most vulnerable populations through our certification and licensing sections.


We will innovate health plans that improve quality of health care for all Alaskans, attract excellent providers, and be known for outstanding customer service.

Core Values

Through quality service, prudent use of resources, and satisfied, productive, employees we will promote good health for the people we serve, via ACCESS:


    Use skills and tools to clearly elicit and convey effective feedback, goals and guidance to all customers and team members.

    Maintain the knowledge, skills and ability necessary to perform our jobs and treat everyone with dignity.

    Embrace evidence, data, and best practices to innovate and to improve everything we do; never accept "good enough," or "that’s the way it’s always been done."

    Set an example of the ethical values of our division, department and state, recognize and respond to risks, respect and value each member of our team.

    Appropriately follow policies and procedures; model creativity and support to our team members by giving authority along with responsibility.

    Inspire our team members and customers through positive attitudes and by our consistency, fairness, and transparency.