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Tips to avoid delays:

Do your best to fill out the form as much as you can.

Be prepared: You may need to provide the following information about the people in your home:

  •     Name
  •     Date of Birth
  •     Citizenship or Alien Status
  •     Social Security Number
  •     Income
  •     Assets and Resources
  •     Housing Costs
  •     Utilities
  •     Childcare Costs
  •     Other Household Circumstances

When using the Online SNAP Application, upload any requested items when you see this button: Select files

  • Identity: Show who you are: birth certificate, driver’s license or state identification card, health benefits identification card, school or work identification, passport.
  • Residency: Show where you live: utility bills like electric, gas, or water, or rental agreement or mortgage statement that shows your address.
  • Income: Show any money you have earned: pay stubs for the past 30 days, employer statement of gross wages, self-employment bookkeeping records, income tax forms.
  • Other Income: Show any other money you get: letter from Social Security (SSI), Veteran’s Affairs benefits (VA), child support, alimony, unemployment, retirement.
  • Immigration Status: Immigration or naturalization papers (not required for U.S. citizens or for ineligible people who are applying for their U.S. citizen children)
  • Other Documents: Proof of medical expense deductions such as billing statements, itemized medical receipts, Medicare card showing Part B coverage, payment agreement with provider. Bills or receipts for child or dependent adult care, copy of court order showing your child support obligations and proof that you pay the amount you owe.