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Information for Parents:
II Child Care Assistance Eligibility

If you are transitioning off of the Alaska Temporary Assistance Program, you may be eligible for assistance for up to twelve months from the PASS II Child Care Assistance Program to help pay child care costs while you work or participate in an education or training program. If eligible, you can receive child care assistance for children who are under the age of 13.
Your family may be eligible for child care assistance if you are:
  • Working
  • Attending school
  • In job training
Eligibility is also based on your family size and your gross income (before taxes).


Depending on your family’s size and monthly income, you will be responsible to contribute toward your child care costs. The contribution is the amount you are required to toward your child care costs each month regardless of how many children are in care or the number of hours they are in care.

However, you will still be responsible for any costs your child care provider charges over the state rate, or for any care used outside of authorized timeframes.

See what your costs might be by trying the Child Care Contribution Calculator.

Child Care Hours

The number of child care hours covered each month is determined by your schedule of eligible activities combined with your need for child care. An authorization will be issued covering the timeframe for which your family is eligible during your selected eligible provider's operating hours.

How to Apply

Eligibility for PASS II child care assistance is not automatic! You must apply for PASS II child care assistance by submitting an application to a local Child Care Assistance office.

If you are eligible for PASS II child care assistance, you will be issued an authorization for up to six months. In most cases, you will be required to update your information every six months.

PASS II Payments

Unless you choose to hire an in-home child care provider, the authorized child care amount minus your contribution is paid directly to your child care provider on a monthly basis.

If you choose to have a child care provider care for your children in your own home, you are considered their employer. The authorized child care amount minus your contribution is paid directly to you on a monthly basis, which you must then use toward your in-home provider’s wages. Contact your local Child Care Assistance office to learn more about the requirements of in-home care to determine whether it is right for you.

Child Care Assistance may also offer a supplement to child care providers who care for children with special needs. Please contact the Child Care Program Office for information on the special needs supplement.