Job Start

Money to grow your business!

Looking to grow your business? Job Start helps small employers expand their business by funding new jobs. When an employer creates a new job and agrees to hire a Temporary Assistance client, DPA pays the employer the amount of the client’s TA cash benefit. The employer selects the best-qualified worker from pre-screened, work-ready TA clients and uses Job Start to supplement their wages.

Employers get a steady source of cash to expand their business – clients get a paycheck instead of a welfare check!

Incentives for Employers

  • Employers receive a cash payment each month to offset the costs of creating a new job.​
  • Payments to employers can exceed $900 per month.
  • Job Start payments last 3-6 months – enough time for the new hire to become a productive employee.
  • Job Start is targeted to small businesses and not-for-profit agencies.
  • Businesses can have up to five Job Start positions at one time – up to 10% of its workforce.
  • DPA can purchase the special tools, uniforms or safety items the worker needs for the job.
  • Employers select the new employee from the pre-screened TA clients.
  • DPA can provide the extra help, like childcare and transportation, to ensure your employee succeeds.

Call your local DPA Work Services provider or email for more information.