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FY 2024 Income Guidelines

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For each additional household member, add $803.




Fraud is illegal.  It is defined as intentionally making false statements, misrepresenting facts, or misrepresenting situations to get benefits a household is not eligible to receive.  Additionally, it is illegal to sell, trade or give away fuel or services paid for with heating assistance funds.  The Heating Assistance Program follows up on all reports of fraud, waste and abuse. 

Examples of Fraud: 

  • Not reporting income received by your household.
  • Misrepresenting the number of people in your household.
  • Misrepresenting the type of dwelling you live in, total square footage, and/or the number of heated bedrooms in your home.
  • Not living in the home for which you apply for heating assistance.
  • Selling or bartering fuel paid for with Heating Assistance benefits.
  • Giving away fuel or services paid for with Heating Assistance benefits.
  • Vendors who charge heating assistance clients a higher amount for their product.
  • Vendors who do not deliver fuel/wood/services after they have received a Heating Assistance benefit for a client.  


If a household is found to commit fraud, they will be asked to repay the benefits they received.  If they do not repay the benefits, the amount due will be withheld from future heating assistance payments made to the household until the total overpayment is recouped. 
If a vendor commits fraud, they will be asked to repay any monies due the state and will be removed from the Approved Vendor List which is posted on the Heating Assistance website

How to Report Fraud: 

If a resident or vendor sees fraud being committed, they should contact the Heating Assistance Program at 800-470-3058 and ask to speak with a supervisor or e-mail the program at