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Physical Activity in Schools Law

In April 2016 the Alaska State Legislature passed SB 200 "Physical Activity in Schools: An act relating to health education and physical activity requirements for students in grades kindergarten through eight.”

Alaska State Statute AS14.30.360 was amended in 2016 by SB 200.

Regular physical activity throughout the school day has been shown to reduce behavioral issues, improve social and emotional skills, and increase academic readiness and abilities.

AS14.30.360 states that school districts shall establish guidelines to provide opportunities for 54 minutes of physical activity each full school day for students in grades K-8. The 54 minutes may include a combination of physical education, recess, school-wide activities and in-classroom activity.

Physical Activity in Schools Law FAQs has been developed to address questions and further details about the law.

Options to meet the Alaska Physical Activity in Schools Law has been developed to assist school districts with examples of how to meet the guidelines for opportunities for 54 minutes a day of physical activity.

The Resources for In-classroom Physical Activities document lists several examples of activities classrooms can use.

For more information on the Alaska Physical Activity in Schools Law watch the video of the April 2017 webinar on YouTube or below. You can also download the PowerPoint presentation slides here.

ALR_Infographic - Active Kids Learn Better - Brain Scans after 20 minutes of walking show that the entire brain is activated 

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