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​​Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion 
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School Health Program

A healthy student is a successful student


Our purpose is to raise awareness about the importance of addressing all aspects of a student’s health to ensure their best chance at academic success, and to promote policies and practices supporting that purpose.

Schools are in a unique position to have more influence on the lives of young people than any other social institution. Schools are where young people are prepared to be well-rounded, healthy, productive and successful adults. This means addressing the physical, emotional, mental and intellectual needs of the whole child by including physical education, health education and social support systems in every school.

Using the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child model the School Health program is a collaboration and partnership of several state and non-governmental agencies, all working together to promote the overall health of students and the school setting. Visit the Virtual Healthy School's website for an interactive overview of the model. School health includes health and nursing services, behavioral and mental health services, health and nutrition education, nutritious foods, physical education, physical activity throughout the day, and environmental health.

The School Health program facilitates the Annual School Health and Wellness Institute held every fall in Anchorage.

Our state government partners include:

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