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Alaska Division of Public Health, 2021 Primary Care Needs Assessment  

SHARP Loan Repayment for Primary Health-care Practitioners  



Alaska Scorecard  


Office of Healthcare Access

What We Do

The Office of Healthcare Access — formerly known as the Section of Health Planning and Systems Development — runs programs that strengthen health care access with a focus on rural areas and underserved populations. We also conduct statewide health planning to help sustain organized and efficient health care delivery in Alaska. 

Our work focuses on:

  • Health Care Delivery
  • Workforce Development
  • Health Care Financing and Reimbursement Strategies
  • Facility Planning
  • Vision:
    Vibrant health system in Alaska
  • Mission:
    Improve the health of Alaskans by addressing health issues.
  • Strategies:
    • Community health improvement
    • Emerging opportunities
    • Identify needs to promote healthcare system solutions
    • Quality improvement
    • Workforce initiatives
  • How:
    Through funding opportunities, expertise, data, linkages, outreach, and collaborative partnerships
  • Why:
    To improve healthcare access and quality

Strategic Plan

Publications and Resources