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Trauma System in Alaska

Trauma Center Designation and Verification:

An important component of Alaska’s trauma care system is verified trauma centers. Trauma centers provide an organized and timely response to traumatic injury. What this means in Alaska is:

  • The hospital has demonstrated commitment to providing the best trauma care possible by allowing experts to review staffing and qualifications, procedures, protocols and resources;
  • The hospital meets state and national standards for providing timely and optimal care for the trauma patient, and;
  • The hospital is prepared to treat and transport trauma patients according to Alaska’s system-wide plan.

There are four levels of trauma center designation/verification. Alaska has adopted the criteria set forth by the American College of Surgeons Committee on Trauma (ACS-COT). Prior to applying for state certification, Level I, II, and III trauma centers must complete an application to ACS-COT and have a verification visit by a team from ACS-COT. Using ACS-COT criteria, Level IV trauma centers are designated and verified by a state team, appointed by the Alaska Division of Public Health.

Level I - Level IV Descriptions