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Oral Health

The Alaska Oral Health Program provides leadership to improve oral health for all Alaskans. The program partners with Alaska Dental Action Coalition representative agencies and organizations throughout the state.

Alaska Oral Health Plan (2012-2016)

The Plan’s goals and objectives guide the Oral Health Program with oral health data collection, workforce development, safe use of fluorides, access to dental services and support of prevention programs. The Plan provides policy makers with baseline data on oral health status and identifies oral health disparities through demographic data. An overview of oral health in Alaska can be found in the State Oral Health Plan.

Workforce Development

The emphasis is on supporting the dental workforce that cares for the underserved population in Alaska. Community Health Centers and Tribally operated facilities are the primary employers and are eligible for federal loan repayment programs. The Plan’s priority recommendation is to implement a state funded loan repayment and incentive program for workforce recruitment and retention in hard to place areas of the state. The Program also supports the provision of continuing education for dental professionals on dental treatment to special needs populations.


The focus is to improve the public’s awareness of community water fluoridation, the delivery of optimal fluoridation in community water systems and improve access to alternative fluoride delivery systems to residents without fluoride in their drinking water system. The Program works with the Alaska Drinking Water Program and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to monitor and promote optimal quality water fluoridation to prevent dental decay. Residents can learn more about fluoride in their community water system at My Water’s Fluoride.

Prevention Programs

The Oral Health Program partners with statewide oral health programs on initiatives to help increase utilization of dental services for high-risk children and youth in Alaska. Alaska’s Medicaid program covers oral health preventive services for children age <21 and includes the application of dental sealants. The Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium has an active dental sealant program for children and youth who qualify for Tribally funded health care services. Access to dental sealants is currently available at federally funded Community Health Centers, Medicaid enrolled oral health providers, dental clinics or itinerant providers in rural communities operated by Tribal health organizations and private dental offices.

Oral Health for Individuals With Special Health Care Needs

Children and adults with special health care needs may have a harder time finding early and regular care. They may also have more dental problems due to their health issues. Visits to an oral health provider for cleaning, exam and repair of any damaged teeth twice a year is very important for both children and adults.