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Contact Information:

Finance & Management Services
Revenue/Finance Section
350 Main Street, Room  
P.O. Box 110650 
Juneau, AK 99811-0650


Telephone: 907-465-1350
Fax: 907-463-3184
TDD: 907-465-3196

Telephone: 907-269-7818
Fax: 907-561-1308

Revenue/Finance Section

The Finance Section's role is to provide financial accounting and related support services in fulfilling the department's financial obligations. Services include fiscal services, preparing federal reports and federal fund drawdowns, accounts receivables collections, cost allocation plan development, audit responses, and guidance on professional services contract procurements. The Finance Section also provides guidance to department staff in procuring professional services contracts, reviewing Requests for Proposals and providing department grants booklet for legislative information.

federal agencies require strict accountability of Federal funds. In accordance with Federal requirements Finance Section prepares Federal reports for approximately seventy-five Federal programs and completes drawdowns of Federal funds in accordance with the Cash Management Improvement Act of 1990 (CMIA). Federal funds drawn total approximately 290 million dollars annually for program direct and indirect costs revenues. The Finance Section also writes the department's cost allocation plan, calculates indirect cost rates for each of the divisions and negotiates approval with the Federal Division of Cost Allocation. Finally it prepares audit responses to audit recommendations and findings from annual single audits, special audits, by state legislative auditors, OMB internal auditors, Federal auditors, and external auditors.

Fiscal services include accounting structures; payments of bills and establishment of obligations, PFD trust funds, Jobs programs, reimbursable services agreements, interagency transfers and interfund transfers. In the area of accounts receivables, the Finance Section records these to the state accounting system from fraud investigations, audit findings, overpayments, Federal contracts, etc. and enforces collections on accounts receivables referred by program divisions, including small claims actions and garnishments. Another responsibility is depositing receipts received in the Juneau Central Office and overseeing departmentwide depository accounts established for divisions/offices.

Federal Program Employee Form

Employees working entirely on one federal program during the report period should complete this certification form immediately following the end of each six-month reporting period or earlier, if the employee vacates the position. You can get the form from the right under the Links section.