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Health Care Authority Feasibility Study

Section 57 of SB 74 requires the Department of Administration to procure a study to determine the feasibility of creating a health care authority to coordinate health care plans and consolidate purchasing effectiveness for all state employees, retired state employees, retired teachers, Medicaid recipients, University of Alaska employees, employees of state corporations, and school district employees.

On August 30, 2017, The Department of Administration released the findings of a study on the feasibility of creating a Health Care Authority (HCA) in Alaska. The Department of Administration engaged several contractors to complete the study focusing on opportunities to reduce costs, improve quality, and maintain benefits and access to state sponsored health care.

The study includes four reports focused on:

  • Pooling and purchasing opportunities for employees/retiree benefits
  • Coordinated plan administration
  • Purchasing opportunities and Alaska market issues
  • Medicaid alignment opportunities and HCA structures

The study reports, public comment and webinar information can be found at

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Updated 08/30/17