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Alaska Emergency Medical Servic​es

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Alaska EMS Research And New Guidance Education Series

The Office of EMS manages the Alaska EMS Research And New Guidance Education Series (RANGES), which is a free-of-charge online EMS CME delivery project. Alaska EMS RANGES was named to reflect on how our mountains ranges across Alaska impact our way of life and much how the importance of EMS education impacts our first responders’ professional way of life. The Alaska EMS RANGES project reaches all the far corners of our roadless state!

September 21, 2022 – May 17, 2023 (1st and 3rd Wednesday each month) 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM AKST

More information: Alaska EMS RANGES

​Alaska EMS License Management System

Please visit the Alaska EMS License Management System. This system allows you to:
  • Apply and submit applications,
  • Check the status of your application,
  • Manage your license,
  • Search for EMS personnel and upcoming courses,
  • Read recent Office of EMS Guidance and EMS Vitals newsletters,
  • Check out Instructor and Student resources,
  • Gain more knowledge about Pediatric Emergency Care Coordination with EMS for Children (EMSC),
  • Get registered for online EMS CME with Alaska RANGES, and 
  • Access the DOH Learning Management System.
Currently the Alaska Office of EMS Office is using the NEMSIS 3.4 dataset.

Investigations & Compliance

The Alaska State Office of EMS is responsible for investigations to ensure EMS providers and medical transportation organizations comply with Certification, Licensure, and Administrative Codes and requirements.

To request an investigation, please fill out the Alaska EMS Investigation Request Form completely and email form to EMS Investigations.

Public Notices

Find public notices on the Alaska Online Public Notices page.