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Pediatric Facility Recognition

Alaska’s Recognized Pediatric Care Facilities

  • Alaska Native Medical Center
  • Providence Alaska Medical Center
  • Fairbanks Memorial Hospital

As medical care continues to advance over the years, physicians and healthcare providers have come to learn that children have unique anatomical characteristics and physiological responses to disease processes that often require pediatric-specific treatments. When hospitals are prepared with the appropriate pediatric equipment, supplies, medications, protocols, training, and processes they are better able to provide children who are acutely ill or injured with the best quality emergency care.

The Alaska Pediatric Facility Recognition program builds upon each medical treatment facilities existing capacities and in doing so provides three levels of pediatric facility recognition (Primary, General, and Comprehensive). Each level of this program is defined based on the following criteria: staffing personnel dedicated to EMSC recognition commitments; facility staffing requirements; facility support services; quality assurance and improvement programs; guidelines; policies; procedures; equipment; supplies and medications.

Find out about the Alaska Pediatric Facility Recognition Program or get a copy of the Pediatric Facility Recognition application please email

Alaska facilities who are interested in pursuing this voluntary recognition can find toolkits to help support and assist the application process by visiting the Emergency Medical Services for Children (EMSC) Innovation & Improvement Center.