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Alaska Health Impact Assessment (HIA) Program

Trans-Alaska Pipeline System 

The Alaska Health Impact Assessment (HIA) Program evaluates the potential human health effects of new policies, programs, or development projects in Alaska through the use of existing public health surveillance data, medical literature reviews, and field studies. While HIAs are not required by state law, they are seen as one aspect of a "best practices" approach to responsible development in Alaska.

Program Resources
  • About the Program
  • Current Projects
Program Publications
  • Alaska HIA Toolkit
  • Completed HIAs
  • Articles
Alaska Health Data
  • Data by Health Effect Category (HEC)
Additional HIA Resources
  • Guidance Documents
  • HIA Programs
  • HIA Capacity-Building Organizations

Contact Information

General Information and Comments

State of Alaska
Department of Health
Division of Public Health
Section of Epidemiology
Alaska Health Impact Assessment Program
3601 C Street, Suite 540
Anchorage, Alaska 99503

phone: 907-269-8000
fax: 907-562-7802