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Training & Education

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The Alaska Immunization Program has several trainings available to health care providers that are interested. Some trainings are required to participate in programs offered through the Alaska Immunization Program, please review the training below.  

Required Training

Alaska Vaccine Assessment Program (AVAP) Training

The AVAP program has training for all vaccine coordinators and back-up vaccine coordinators for facilities that are enrolled in the AVAP program. This training requires enrollment for access.  Contact 907-269-8088, the Immunization Program Hotline, or email for any questions

Vaccines For Children (VFC) Training

The VFC Program has required training for all vaccine coordinators and back-up vaccine coordinators enrolled in the VFC program in Alaska. This training requires enrollment for access. Contact the Immunization Program Hotline at 907-269-8088 or email for any questions.

Yellow Fever Vaccine Training

In order to become a Yellow Fever Vaccine Provider in Alaska, you are required to complete the CDC continuing education webinar “Yellow Fever Vaccine: Information for Health Care Professionals Advising Travelers.” Submit your training certificate or transcript with an application to the Alaska Immunization Program. For any questions, contact 907-269-8088, the Immunization Program Hotline, or email

COVID-19 Vaccine Program Training

The COVID-19 Vaccine Program has three required trainings. Each facility’s vaccine coordinator and back-up vaccine coordinators are required to complete these trainings and return the training attestation form to Additionally, all staff who receive, handle, manage, prepare, or administer vaccine must be fully trained on COVID-19 Vaccination Program requirements and the specific storage, handling, preparation, and administration requirements for each COVID-19 vaccine as applicable to the individual's role. Email for any questions.

Supplemental Training: Not Required

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) - Supplemental Training

CDC’s Training and Continuing Education Online (TCEO) is a system that provides the public health and healthcare workforce access to CDC educational activities that offer free continuing education (CE) credits, contact hours, or units. Use TCEO to search for CE opportunities, complete course evaluations and posttests, obtain your CE certificates, and manage your CDC CE transcript. To learn more about the types of CE available, check out the CDC's Training and Continuing Education Online (TCEO) webpage.

PrepMod Training

PrepMod offers training on how to utilize PrepMod for COVID, flu, childhood, or blended vaccination clinics. If you are interested in utilizing PrepMod, please email for more information.

VacTrAK Training  

VacTrAK offers a catalog of training courses to our enrolled Alaskan Health Practice Organizations and their users through the Learning Management System (LMS). It is a great opportunity for new users to learn our system and for existing users to refresh their VacTrAK knowledge.

To learn more about the LMS, check out the VacTrAK LMS Handout

Alaska Vaccine ECHO Webinars

The Alaska Vaccine ECHO (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) webinar is a virtual learning network intended for clinical care providers involved in the distribution and administration of vaccinations to interface with a team of medical and education experts in Alaska. Monthly sessions include a brief didactic presentation followed by Q&A, and guided discussion or case presentation as an integral part of the learning experience. Free Pharmacy, CME, and Nursing continuing education credits are offered.
Alaska Immunization Helpline
Phone: 907-269-8088
Phone: 888-430-4321 (toll-free)