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Let’s Talk Vaccines

“Let’s Talk Vaccines: Partnering for a Healthy AK” is a program that encourages all health care professionals to ARM patients with the confidence to choose vaccination and help others get vaccinated:

  • Ask patients about their vaccination history and what questions they have.
  • Recommend your patients get up to date for any vaccines they are due for.
  • Motivate your patients to decide to seek out vaccination.

Resources below can be used to support vaccine conversations and encourage staying up to date at each visit. If you would like to see something added to this list please let us know

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Immunization Schedules

Talking with Parents and Caregivers

Online Trainings

Free Educational Materials from Alaska Immunization Program 

Building Support for Vaccines in Your Office

Improving Immunization Rates

Links to other vaccination resources

Standards for Child, Adolescent, and Adult Immunization Practices

From Immunization Strategies for Healthcare Practices and Providers:
All health care providers in all settings are encouraged to ensure patients are up-to-date on vaccinations. The National Vaccine Advisory Committee’s (NVAC) Standards for Child and Adolescent Immunization Practices and Standards for Adult Immunization Practice are recommended for use by all health care providers in the public and private sectors. The standards represent the most desirable immunization practices that providers should strive to achieve, regardless of whether they actually provide vaccinations. Providers implementing these standards will help ensure their patients are fully vaccinated, thereby helping to increase vaccination coverage and prevent outbreaks.

The Standards for Pediatric Immunization Practice (HHS) outline standards within five categories:

  • Availability of vaccines
  • Assessment of immunization status
  • Effective communication about vaccine benefits and risks
  • Proper storage and administration of vaccines and documentation of vaccinations
  • Implementation of strategies to improve vaccination coverage

The Standards for Adult Immunization Practice (CDC) include the following four standards:

  • Assess immunization status of all adult patients at every clinical encounter
  • Strongly recommend vaccines that patients need
  • Administer vaccine or refer patients to a vaccine provider
  • Document vaccines received by patients