Temporary practice/clinic closure information for providers receiving state-supplied vaccine:

  • Notify Immunization Program through immune@alaska.gov. Include in “subject” line: Facility Name and PIN and statement of “temporary” closure. In body of email, include contact name and phone number where a facility staff member may be reached if needed.

  • Leave vaccine in current unit and mark "DO NOT USE".

  • Download DDL data and restart device to ensure longest possible temperature collection during closure.

  • Upon reopening practice, review all DDL data and take action on any temperature excursion, if any, before administering vaccine.

  • During closure, if you are able to do so (i.e., utilizing Cloud based systems), please consider monitoring temperatures off site.

Thank you.

Yellow Fever Vaccine

Notice: Find a clinic that is authorized to provide the Yellow Fever vaccine.​

According to International Health Regulations, yellow fever vaccine must be administered by a certified yellow fever uniform stamp holder at a designated facility. Health care providers currently licensed in Alaska can apply with the State of Alaska to obtain a yellow fever uniform stamp.

For more information, contact the State of Alaska Yellow Fever Coordinator at immune@alaska.gov or 907-269-8088.

Vaccine Distribution and Inventory Management

Interested in Enrolling to Receive State-Supplied Vaccine from the Alaska Immunization Program?  Contact us at:

Eligibility Screening

Vaccine Storage and Temperature Monitoring

Vaccine Distribution

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​Vaccine Distribution and Inventory Management

Phone: 907-269-8088 / 888-430-4321 (toll free)
Fax: 907-269-0478