Marriage Licenses

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No blood test or physical exam is required.


Residents and nonresidents are eligible to apply for a marriage license.


Both parties must be 18 years of age or older to marry without parental consent. A birth certificate may be required to show proof of age. EXCEPTION: Persons who are less than 18 years of age and who are members of the armed forces of the United States while on active duty will not be required to provide parental consent. Military papers will be required to show proof of active duty status.

Persons ages 16 and 17 must submit a parental consent form signed by both parents with their application. If one parent is sole custodian of the minor, a divorce decree stating custody rights or a death certificate must be presented as well. Alaska law does not permit those under the age of 16 to marry without a court order.

If either party is under eighteen, contact the Alaska Bureau of Vital Statistics at (907) 465-3391 for additional instructions before completing the application.


An Alaskan marriage license is valid only for marriages performed in Alaska or in Alaska State waters.

Waiting Period

There is a three (3) business day waiting period that begins once a mailed or faxed application with payment is received by the issuing office. This means that you must wait at least three full business days after the application is submitted before you can pick up the license and the marriage ceremony can be performed.

If you need to receive your marriage license quickly, and cannot pick up in person, please include $9.00 for Priority Mail with tracking. This method is trackable. Regular mail can take up to 4 weeks or longer. Your total for the Marriage License Application and Shipping would be ($69).

License Expiration

The license is valid for three (3) months from the date of issuance. The marriage must be performed before the three-month expiration of the license or the license will no longer be valid. Refunds and extensions cannot be granted.

Marriage by Proxy

Proxy marriages (where someone stands in for the other party) are not permitted in Alaska. The two parties must be present before the two witnesses and the officiant in order for the ceremony to be performed.

Divorced Applicants

All divorces must be final and filed with the courts in the state granted. If either party has been married previously, the beginning and ending dates of all previous marriages must be listed on the application. Submitting a copy of a divorce decree is only required if the divorce or dissolution occurred less than sixty days prior to applying for the marriage license.