Infant Screening and Testing Programs

Universal Newborn Hearing Screening

As many as 30 babies are born in Alaska each year with hearing loss. That is why it is important to test all newborn babies for hearing loss before they leave the hospital. If your baby can’t hear well, he/she may have problems learning to talk. If you find a hearing loss early, your child will have the best chance to learn.

Universal newborn hearing screening is a screen that will check if your baby’s hearing is normal or whether more testing is needed. The screen does not hurt, is quick and easy, and will be performed by a trained person. If your birthing facility does not offer newborn hearing screening, ask your health care provider to refer you to a place that does.

Newborn Bloodspot Screening Program

Alaska Newborn Metabolic Screening Program Screens Alaska newborns for diseases that are not apparent at birth. Very early treatment can prevent or reduce physical effects and brain damage.