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​​Behavioral Health Roadmap for Alaska YouthNewsMaterialsResources

About Project

Adolescent behavioral health needs are at an all-time high across the nation. In its April 2023 “Overview of Alaska’s Behavioral Health System of Care for Children,” the State of Alaska committed to a region-focused, iterative approach to improving the continuum of care for Alaskan youth with behavioral health disabilities. This roadmap will form the basis of a statewide plan that can be implemented over multiple years to achieve the expansion of provider services necessary to complete the continuum of care. This is intended to build upon existing studies, models, and work already ​underway.

The intent is that this roadmap will provide a focused path to: 1) create a shared vision for behavioral health services in Alaska; 2) align funding opportunities and requests with service delivery needs; 3) identify barriers including regulatory, fiscal, technology, or other issues not fully addressed; and 4) ensure unique regional and cultural needs are cared for and local solutions leveraged as much as possible.

When complete, the plan will provide a framework with specific, phased approaches to statewide and regional service building, including an implementation timeline and measurable results. The plan will be shared with the legislature and other governmental agencies.

On June 24, 2023, the Behavioral Health Roadmap Steering Committee held its first meeting to begin this effort. The Steering Committee will focus on process, logistics, and support for regional workgroups comprised of local providers, governmental authorities, policymakers, and residents. The regional workgroups, in turn, will identify needs, barriers to offering a broader array of services, and options for how to reasonably address those barriers as well as a timeline and resource plan. Regional plans will be integrated into a larger statewide draft plan, which will be shared publicly for stakeholder engagement before final publication in December 2023.

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