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Division of Public Assistance

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Apply for SNAP Benefits
Complete the online SNAP application

Did you receive a SNAP Interim Report form (FSP 95) in the mail to complete and return?
If the answer is yes, you can submit the SNAP Interim Report online instead:
Apply for SNAP Benefits  Note: If you do not submit the Interim Report by the deadline, your SNAP benefits will be terminated.

Need to report a change? Save a trip to the office or long waits on the phone by submitting your changes securely online.

Need help? 

Visit your local DPA office or call the Virtual Contact Center (VCC) at 800-478-7778.

If you don't have an email and want to apply for SNAP benefits, complete your SNAP Interim Report, or report change online:

Applicants have the right to file an application to secure their benefit start date with just their name, address, and signature. However, if you submit your application to us without filling out the questions that apply to your case, you will have to answer them before you can get benefits.

If you encounter technical issues while trying to complete or submitting your form, please contact the support desk at

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