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Information for Providers

The State of Alaska has two child care provider types: Licensed Child Care Providers and Licensed Exempt Providers. Each have different requirements. Information on how to participate in the Child Care Assistance Program and/or Child Care Grant Program is outlined below. If you have further questions, please contact the Child Care Program Office.


Licensed Child Care Providers

Licensed child care providers/facilities are those facilities that possess a current license, issued by the Department of Health or the Municipality of Anchorage, to operate a child care facility in the State of Alaska.

They include:
  • Licensed Child Care Homes
  • Licensed Child Care Group Homes
  • Licensed Child Care Centers

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Legally Exempt Providers

Child care providers are those providers who are otherwise exempt from licensure and who are approved to provide child care services to children whose families receive child care assistance.
They include:
  • Approved Relative Child Care Providers
  • In-Home Care Providers
  • Department of Defense and Coast Guard Certified
  • Tribal Approval or Certification

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Legally Exempt Care

In addition to the Approved Relative and In-Home child care providers that may participate in the child care assistance program, a provider may choose not to participate and still operate legally by caring for no more than four children unrelated to them. Since the provider is not eligible to participate in the child care assistance program parent(s) are responsible to pay the full amount of all child care costs.

Any provider without a Child Care License from the Department of Health or the Municipality of Anchorage who is caring for more than four unrelated children is considered an illegally operating provider. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions regarding this type of situation.