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General Relief Assistance (GRA)

FEMA to Help Pay Funeral Costs for COVID-19-Related Deaths
General Relief Assistance (GRA) is designed to meet basic needs of Alaskans in emergency situations. Basic needs include shelter, utilities, food, and clothing.  Limited funds for a dignified burial of a deceased needy person may also be provided.  The GRA program is 100% state-funded.  Because state funds are limited, the program is used as a last resort in providing basic needs to an individual or household. GRA is only available if a household's emergency need cannot be met by any other programs or agencies.   Except for burial assistance, payment is limited to a maximum of $120 for each household member.  Payments are always provided to a vendor; they are never provided directly to the GRA household.


Immediate and Specific Need

  • The household must have an immediate and specific need for shelter (eviction notice), utilities (shut-off notice), food, clothing, or burial.

No Other Resources

  • The household must not have the ability to use other resources, either in the form of cash on hand, credit, or eligibility for other assistance programs, to provide for basic needs.


  • The person must be an adult or eligible minor.  Persons under the age of 18 may apply for GRA if they are married or living apart from their parents and managing their own financial affairs.

Alaska Residency

  • The person must be an Alaska resident at the time of application.

US Citizenship or Eligible Immigrant Status

  • The person must be a US citizen or legal alien

Financial Need

  • The household must meet resource limits.  Resources for a General Relief (GR) household cannot exceed $500.00.  Resources include liquid assets (such as cash, savings, stocks, or bonds) and real or personal property.  Resources do not include home property, property that is up for sale, property which is producing income, property necessary to employment , and a vehicle such as an automobile or motorcycle.
  • The household must meet income limits.  Income limits for GRA depend on household size.  A household's net monthly income cannot exceed the amounts shown in the table below.

Text Box: GRA Maximum Need Standards:    Number of Persons      Maximum Need Standards   1  $300   2  $400   3  $500  (Add $100 for each additional household member.)       

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